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video: Must watch video for real estate investors! When is the right time to buy a home overseas?

Must watch video for real estate investors! When is the right time to buy a home overseas? Should I wait for better deals? These important questions and many others will be answered in this short informational video from ‪#‎CompassGroupInternational‬ Please share with anyone looking to buy a home abroad. This video will also be available as an audio podcast at iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/…/compass-podcast-liv…/id1014063814) and Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/willroadhouse


Top 5 ways to “Ruin” your life abroad!

New Article by Will Roadhouse

Top 5 ways to “Ruin” your life abroad!

Getting injured or sick!

  • Eating street at food carts that wash their utensils and plates from the same tub of water. This is a frequent practice in many 3rd world countries.
  • Renting a motorbike in a large city! Expats and tourists get sent to the hospital often! It’s somewhat safe to rent one in a small beach city or village with very little traffic – don’t attempt it in a large city of millions. The traffic is unpredictable!
  • Bungee Jumping & Skydiving in a 3rd world country! They have no safety compliance and use old equipment that causes injury and death.
  • The good news is, medical care in these countries are often inexpensive and good!

Getting scammed!

  • Jet Ski Scam! Don’t rent one…don’t get on one even if the first 30mins/hour is free. 99% of the time the vendor will force you to pay for bullshit scratches and damages. Also, the local police is in on the scam. Google “jet ski scams!”
  • Precious jewels. Often it’s too good to be true. Yes, you can find great deals but make sure you research ahead of the time for “reputable” jewelers in the area. Never walk into a shop because the vendor lured you in!
  • Buying real estate (land, condo, house) that does not belong to them. Make sure you use a reputable real estate professional and local attorney for all transactions. You will be surprised how many times this happens. Remember, if it’s too good to be true – it’s a scam! Buying directly from an owner without using a 3rd party to verify ownership is trouble waiting to happen!

Getting robbed!

  • Never wear gold and/or jewelry with large stones in small villages and beach cities.
  • If you get approached by a stranger that speaks great English…ignore and walk away! Often times they are going to rob and/or scam you. FYI…in most 3rd world countries, any local that walks up to you from the street (and speaks great English) is up to no good.
  • Men, keep your wallets and phones in your front pockets.
  • Never leave your rented condo/house unlocked regardless of how safe the area is. You will be surprised how many knuckle-heads leave their doors unlocked and end up getting their shit stolen by locals. They just walk in and take what they can see.
  • Never leave anything out in the open in your rented car. Phones, tablets, laptops, cameras…again, your window will be broken and your stuff will be stolen.

Traveling with a person you fight with on a regular basis!

  • If you think a trip abroad will change things, make your relationship better – you’re wrong! If you fight with that person at home – you will continue to fight with them abroad. The only thing that’s different is the, “change of scenery.”

Nothing good can happen between the hours of 1am – 5am!

  • Most violent crime and murders happen between these hours.

These tips may seem “trivial” to you. Some may even say, “I already know this! It’s just basic common knowledge.” Well, you’d be surprised how many tourist and expats fall for these “common sense” mishaps. Use your head, be observant, and NEVER assume a stranger that speaks good English is there to help you!

Travel Often & Travel Far,

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Video: My top 3 picks! The Best foreign countries to live full-time or part-time!

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Life Lessons: the billionaire that created #minecraft has found out the hard way that, “money can not buy happiness.”

Thailand: Will Roadhouse

Life Lessons: the billionaire that created #minecraft has found out the hard way that, “money can not buy happiness.” i also learned this lesson many years ago! traveling the world and living in 2nd & 3rd world countries has taught me, “one of the keys to personal happiness is creating wonderful experiences that are not tied to materialism.” (In this picture) i’m in #Thailand walking on the beach and immersing myself into the culture. i’m not tied down or filled with “material stuff!” instead, i’m filled with adventure and new personal experiences!
Travel Far & Travel Often!
– Will Roadhouse