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Bangkok Thailand: Dining at my favorite Okinawan restaurant.

#Bangkok #Thailand πŸ›© After a full day of looking at new condo-buildings, we stopped by one of my favorite Okinawan restaurants πŸ‘ Did you know that Okinawa is considered a #BlueZone? This island has the highest concentration of #centurions (individuals that are over 100yrs old) in the world! They claim that part of their secret is eating to only 80% full, lots of fresh seafood, ingesting a lot of Bitter Melon, and regular social activities. πŸ™‚The food here is unique and tasty πŸ˜‹. See you in Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ πŸŽ₯


Afternoon espresso and sweets πŸ˜‹

#Bangkok #Thailand: Every afternoon, I like to venture off to grab a double-shot expresso and something sweet, it’s how I decompress after a morning of calls with clients, and working on sales & marketing strategies. This afternoon I stopped by a Japanese bakery and ordered their caramel pudding πŸ˜‹ – it was absolutely delicious 😘 Cost: $1 for the espresso and $2 for my pudding! This mall is only a 10min walk from my building. I love living in this city! Everything is so convenient πŸ€“

Thailand in B&W πŸŽ₯ Ubon is a small city in Central Thailand (close to the Laos boarder) which is a hidden expat haven.

Thailand in B&W πŸŽ₯ Ubon is a small city in Central Thailand (close to the Laos boarder) which is a hidden expat haven. The locals are extremely friendly and the cost of living is 25-30% less expensive than Bangkok. This afternoon we asked our taxi driver to take us somewhere unique – where the “locals hangout.” We wanted to experience the local culture. Just 15 mins outside of town, sat small “mom & pop” pop-up’s along the rivers edge. The intoxicating aromas of home cooking was everywhere πŸ˜‹ We quickly found a floating shack, and parked ourselves for a “lazy afternoon” of eating – drinking – and lounging 😎 The food was excellent and inexpensive! My friends ordered a feast! Our whole (steamed) fish arrived and our server was a young boy – no more than 10yrs old…I had to take his picture to capture the moment. Life is simple here in Ubon ☺️ The people here aren’t wealthy but they’re RICH in one simple thing…they know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life πŸ™‚ See you in Thailand πŸ›©

New Video: Living on $1,000/month in Bangkok Thailand! Killer breakfast for two with drinks for a grand total of $2.50!!!

New Video: Living on $1,000/month in Bangkok Thailand! Killer breakfast for two with drinks for a grand total of $2.50!!! See you in Thailand:)

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Top 3 Reasons why “I prefer to travel alone.”

Top 3 Reasons why “I prefer to travel alone.”

1) I can do what i want – at my pace. Eat what I want, without someone telling me “that’s gross” or “I don’t eat that.” πŸ€“ No one complaining and holding me back 😊

2) I don’t have to deal with a “narcissist” taking a selfie every 5 mins…very annoying! πŸ‘Ώ So often I see tourists living their vacation “on their phones” to post every second onto their “social media” – instead of “living the moment.” 😱

3) When I travel abroad I will immerse myself into the local culture and lifestyle. I will walk for hours, getting “purposely lost” in a foreign city 😎 exploring and finding hidden gems not listed in guide books πŸ˜‹ Most travelers can’t handle this. They always prefer to go where all the tourists congregate. This means higher prices – subpar food – with a higher probability of getting scammed or ripped off. In this picture, my lunch is a “Tom Yum noodle soup” for only $1.50! Not a tourist in sight πŸ‘ See you in Thailand! πŸ›©

Expats Guide (Podcast): Best & Worse Foreign Countries to Live Work & Retire! 2017 UPDATE!

New Podcast => Best & Worse Foreign Countries to Live Work & Retire! 2017 UPDATE! We update our list of the “best and worse countries to live, work and retire!” Some countries we liked last year are NOT on our list this year! We also talk about “EU Countries!” We pick our “top 3” and “bottom 3” countries in each region! How to “improve your personal lifestyle” for less. How to become “rich with experiences” instead of becoming “rich with worthless STUFF.” How most “wealthy people” create their very own “PRISONS” …the Cocoon Factor! Before you move or buy a home in any foreign country – make sure you listen to this very detailed podcast!

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7 Facts About Me…


1.) all my close friends are people i work with and do business with. working closely with people shows the “many sides of people” and tells me if i want them to be a part of my life.
2.) i love food and i don’t diet! i eat junk food, i have a Big Mac once a month and In & Out Burger once a week…i love fries! and fried chicken. and cheesecake. and cream puffs. and bone in ribeye steaks. and…
3.) i’m in the “people business” but i prefer not to be around them. i’m very “INTROVERTED.” i like peace and quite, surrounded with my own thoughts and good books. i read 3-4 hrs a day. i despise watching any type of sports! but i do watch a shit load of great tv shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Humans, Penny Dreadful, True Blood, Back Sails, Blue Bloods, Family Guy…and all sorts of other great “award winning” TV shows.
4.) it’s very important to me to treat everyone with respect. i’m nice to everyone, from the waitstaff to someone with a shit load of money…i treat everyone the same. i want nothing to do with anyone that’s arrogant or egotistical! i don’t give a shit how much money they have – fuck off:)
5.) i can see through bullshit and lies as vivid as watching a tv show. this is a quality i’m always working on…identifying an individuals “true self.” i’ve yet to be wrong. people are very predictable.
6.) i’m not married – maybe one day:) i have never “cheated” on any girl I’m in a relationship with…i’m very proud of that! i don’t have children…nor do i want any, and i don’t like children (now there’s something you didn’t know about me).
7.) i have a damn good memory with attention to details. i can remember every conversation i’ve ever had. i will always catch a lie…sooner or later. conversations with people are like a giant “jig-saw puzzle” for me. every conversation i have with you is another “piece in your puzzle” – if it doesn’t “match up” i will know. if you’re honest – i will know. if you lie – i will know.
These qualities have helped bring “peace and happiness” into my life. I have ZERO drama…I have zero people in my life that are negative, and, I can enjoy “solitude” if there is no one around:) I’m getting too old to put up with bullshit and ego…the life i created is simple:) life does not have to be complicated…it’s YOU that complicated things. start with removing 80% of the people in your life…your happiness begins there:)
– cheers!