Podcast => Living on $1,000 a Month: What’s New in Thailand and Local Economy!

Living on $1,000 a Month: What’s New in Thailand and Local Economy! What’s happening in the local economy in Bangkok! Real Estate! New up and coming area! Growth! Why “you should NOT buy a single family home, town home or land!!! Why I’m never BORED here living in Thailand and I don’t miss my home in Newport Beach California or Las Vegas! Pro’s and Con’s of living in Thailand…and more!

Bangkok Thailand named as the #1 travel destination in the World! November 2016 Update about living in Bangkok and Jomtien/Pattaya! New restaurants to try! What’s new in these cities (new growth) and why we feel these are some of the best international cities to live and work! And why living here you will “never be bored!” Why living in Thailand is still “safer” than the United States or UK! We say it many times…Bangkok will become the next Singapore!
=> For Sale: Price (if you have to finance or Bitcoin): $100k USD (Bitcoin equivalent also accepted!). Discount for Cash Buyer: $85k! This is a 1 bed/1bath, 300 sqft, 2nd floor, furnished, brand new, peek-a-boo ocean view on the balcony, located across the street from the beach! Owner financing (no docs): 50% LTV, @8% ballon in 3. No financing for “bitcoin” purchase – must be paid in full.
=> 6% Sales Commission (no real estate license required)!
We’ve had a lot of interest and questions regarding this 300sqft, fully furnished condo across the street from the beach in Jomtien Beach Thailand. There are new pics with interior photos in this album with informative videos and podcasts about this beach city…and why it’s the best beach city to live! This is the perfect condo for 4 friends (or family members) to go in on! It breaks down to $25k each! That’s it! To have a “free and clear” home across the street from this beautiful beach! And, it’s 100% fee-simple – own by you! More info coming this week! See you in Thailand! Send a FB message for more info!


Will Roadhouse | CEO
Dean Studebaker | COO
Compass Group InternationalInternational Real Estate Consultant & Asset Management
TV Producer
Author: Roadhouse 30min Guides for Expats!
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/willroadhouse
Podcast Channel: @willroadhouse
YouTube: www.youtube.com/willroadhouse
Instagram: @WillRoadhouse
Twitter: @WillRoadhouse


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