My Sunday in Bangkok Thailand…

My Sunday in Bangkok Thailand:

– Dropped off our clients this morning at the airport, they’re headed back home to Sydney Australia…they didn’t want to go back home. Had a very productive week! Bought them great investment and vacation properties in Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan.

TIP: I believe Taipei Taiwan will become the next Hong Kong within the next 10-15yrs! FYI…HK’s real estate is now the most expensive in the world 🌏

– Spent most of my morning and afternoon soaking in mineral pools at my favorite Japanese Onsen. Also had breakfast there.

– After my relaxing soak. I headed to a near by restaurant for some killer Peking Duck! Checkout the golden duck skin pancakes 😱😜

– Stuffed…but craving Japanese cheesecake and an espresso, I walked to K-Village to satisfy my hunger.

– Headed home to chill by the pool and took a little nap. I woke up wanting a massage. Less than a 3min walk I was in massage-bliss ☺️ My 105lb Thai masseuse tore me to shreds for 2 hrs. I felt great! If it weren’t so late, I could hammer out a 2hr workout πŸ’ͺ Instead, I walked to the W-District for some late night eats and a craft beer πŸ˜‹

Take a wild guess what my killer Sunday cost me? Grand total…$75!!!

$75 bucks in the US, UK or Australia will only get me a crappy 1hr massage πŸ‘Ž

Don’t just think about Thailand…hop on the next plane 😎✈️


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