3 Common Misconceptions About Expats!

3 Common Misconceptions About Expats!
They hate their country – that’s why they moved abroad.
This is the #1 misconception from the public! Expats that reside in a foreign city outside of their native country are seeking these things:
  • New life experiences because their native country has become Tiresome and BORING! They want a “change in scenery.” Expats want to immerse themselves into a foreign culture!
  • They are seeking “VALUE” in a better lifestyle abroad!
  • They want to be closer to other foreign countries so they can travel more!
  • They want better personal relationships and an active social life.
img_2619They’re Running Away from their Problems!
This statement is partially true, but we’re NOT Running away from our problems – we’re running away to seek adventure…to find ourselves…we’re in search of a better life! We will NOT SETTLE for a mediocre life…mediocre environment…mediocre people. Bottomline…we want to better ourselves in a foreign environment.
Expats are Poor – that’s why they live in these 3rd World Countries.
This is also a HUGE misconception! Expats living in 3rd world countries are FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT! Their finances have given them the FREEDOM to live anywhere in the world, but many choose to live in poorer countries for these reasons:
  • The reason why these individuals are financially independent is the simple fact, “they know how to save and they don’t get caught up in buying stupid unnecessary material shit!” The many Expats I’ve met and befriended are very wealthy…they’re cash rich and have consistent monthly income from investments! They’re anything but poor!
  • We want to be in an environment where people are “warm” and “friendly.” It’s a fact that people in these poorer countries are more compassionate, they value a strong social life and personal relationships. People have more”respect” for one another…something that’s missing in most Western Countries! Bottom Line…we want to be around better people and a safer environment!
Through personal experience, I’ve found that individuals traveling internationally, live part time or full time overseas, are some of the most “amazing people on this planet!” They’re intelligent, compassionate, easy going, positive, and extremely HAPPY!!! If you value your life…if you value your personal happiness…if you value your future…look to spend more time in a foreign country. Your life will completely change for the best! It took a long time to get here and I’m a completely different person…I love who I’ve become:)
Live to accrue wonderful experiences…not material things.
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Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass Group International

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