Travel TIPS: The BEST “Organic Instant Coffee” to travel with!

Travel TIPS: The BEST “Organic Instant Coffee” to travel with!
My profession as an “International Real Estate Consultant & Asset Manager” takes me to different parts of the world – finding the new real estate “hot-spots” in the top Emerging Markets. The one thing that’s a “must-have” is…great coffee! I LOVE COFFEE! I drink it 4 times a day: morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before I workout…in any country. Countries like Taiwan, Thailand and Costa Rica have an excellent coffee culture. But the problem is I don’t always have the time (especially in the morning) to walk to a nearby coffee shop. Over the many years I’ve become an instant coffee “aficionado.” I’ve tried them all! And I can tell you that the “Mount Hagen Freeze Dried Instant Coffee” is the absolutely BEST! It’s smooth – not bitter at all. It’s a medium-light roast. It’s very affordable at 17 – 20 cents per serving! This coffee will go “neck-to-neck” with other high end “instant brands” such as Starbucks, UCC, Davidoff…and WIN! It’s also ORGANIC! When traveling I always have a bottle in my suitcase. I also have a full stock in my homes for convenience when I don’t want to “fire-up” my iLLY espresso machine. I suggest ordering it from Amazon in the 2-pack (better value) – click on the (pictured) link below. Let me know what are your favorite “instant coffee brands” – I would love to hear your opinion.



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