After 30 years of working out (with lots of hit and misses) I finally feel that I’ve acquired enough knowledge to share what I’ve learned.

My biggest pet-peeve about the “health & fitness industry!”

  • Many fit-pro’s “flat out lie” on their social media – posting “photoshopped pics!”  Google it!
  • Their job is to “stay fit and look good.”  They can spend all fuckin day at the gym (and do 2-A-Days) because they’re there!  How do I know this?  I have many…many friends that are “fit-pros.”  For people like you and I…we don’t work at a gym. We’re in an office all damn day!
  • Burn out rate is extremely HIGH!  I see people transform themselves then “fall off the bandwagon” after 2-3 months.  Fat..skinny…fat…skinny…then fat again!  
  • Too many “sports injuries!!!”  One of the top reasons why so many of you never go back to the gym!
  • Unrealistic diets and gross-overload!  I call it the “biggest loser effect!”  They keep you dependent.  Once you leave – you get fat again!  How many of you have diet books, P90X or Insanity DVD’s that are collecting dust?  Unrealistic diets and workouts for the “WORKING PROFESSIONAL!  Again…high burnout rates!
  • Like the 80% of you – I have a traditional job with long hours that make it very difficult to spend all day at the gym…or even get to a gym!  I sit in an office all day in front of a computer, on conference calls at all hours, with regular business lunches.  In addition…I travel internationally on a regular bases for work.
  • Celebrities that are “fit for movies” is a total con-job!  Less than 1% maintain their physique…look at the “now pics” of the cast from 300 or any action movie.  And, their training is FUCKIN HARD!!!  Gerard Butler from the 300 said, “training for the 300 movie was so intense that he completely stopped working out after the movie was over.”  Again…unrealistic gains…with HIGH BURNOUT!

Bottomline…Too many hypocrites in this industry!  Many don’t “practice what they preach!”  Most are selling you shit that are just temporary fixes!  Just like in the Real Estate industry…”there are more bad real estate professionals then there are good.”  The “health and fitness industry” is even worse!  They have more shitty “guru’s” than most industries!  The hypocrisy & bullshit is HIGH!

A little about me:

  • I’m in my 40’s and I’ve always been in excellent health.  I’ve never stopped working out!  I’m currently 190lbs with 12-13% bodyfat and yes my abs do show:)  I’m very well proportioned…no chicken legs here!  I’m a person with very “average genetics.”
  • I don’t get burned out!
  • I never do the same workout twice!  It’s always different: exercises, reps, tempo, weight and volume!
  • Since 2002, I’ve been business owner, with an extremely high stress and demanding job as an International Real Estate Consultant & Asset Manager.  I live and work in many different countries and travel extensively overseas.  Most individuals in my profession are “fat and obese!”
  • Prior, I worked in Corporate America as a “Wealth Manager” for one of the largest financial institutions in the United States.
  • I absolutely HATE diets! I LOVE CARBS and RED MEAT!  I LOVE FOOD:)
  • I’m “naturally a lazy person.”  If I had my way, “I would sit around all day reading, watching TV and Movies.”
  • I’m currently in the best health in my life, and “I’m aging slower” than most people in my age group.  I’m also mentally sharper.
  • I pretend I don’t know much about “health & fitness” – but I really do;)  I often play “stupid.”  I’m very curious – I’m the type of person that loves to “learn more!”  I crave new knowledge and I love to ask questions.  
  • I’m always “getting better!”  You will never see me “stagnant!”  Take a look at your instagram and facebook friends…how many individuals take pics of themselves working out but still look the same after 1…5…10 years?  I tend to ask myself…”what the fuck are you doing?  How is it possible you’re not improving after all these years?”  Well…not me:)  I’m always finding a way to challenge myself and evolving into a better person – physically and mentally!

After 30 years of working out (with lots of hit and misses) I finally feel that I’ve acquired enough knowledge to share what I’ve learned.  I’m a very “average person” with “average genetics.”  My friends and I are going to show you, “how Working Professionals can get into the best health in their life…and maintain it!!!”  Moving forward I will post my workouts and meals for those that are curious as to what I’m doing.

Here are a few strategies and techniques I follow to maintain my health:

  • Monday – Friday is CRUNCH TIME!  I will eat fairly healthy and will hit the gym 5 days a week.
  • Weekends are my days off.  I eat whatever the fuck I want, and will skip the gym if I’m not up for it.
  • Injuries in the past have put serious setbacks on my health.  Recovery takes me away from the gym.  My workouts and techniques stress:  proper form with FULL-RANGE-OF-MOTION!”  No EGO-LIFTING here!  I’ve been injury-free for over 10 yrs!  But, don’t get me wrong…I am fuckin STRONG with excellent endurance!”  
  • I work heavy weights once every 2 months.  The rest of the time is light weights, body-weight movements and martial arts.
  • I always do 3 – 5 rounds of finishers at the end of my workouts.  Sometimes I will do them between exercises (suggested by my friend Jason Johnson).
  • I only take a multivitamin type of supplements every other day with weekends off.  I’ve found that “most people (like me) tend to over-supplement ourselves!”  Mon – Fri I also take Creatine HCL and Aminos to aid in muscle growth and recovery.
  • Mon – Fri I have a whey protein shake for breakfast, mid-morning, for lunch (if I don’t have a lunch meeting), after I workout (around 6pm or 7pm), a traditional dinner, then lastly a shake 30mins before I go to bed.  I recently put on 15lbs of muscle by switching from a vegan protein to whey, and, consuming 1 gram of protein for 1lb of weight.  I’m currently 190lbs…that’s 190 – 200 grams of protein I consume a day.  The crazy part is: I’m less hungry throughout the day and “whey protein” is superior to any vegan protein…google the studies!  This shit really works!

I’m writing this for the 80%  – I’m just like you!  I want to be in great mental and physical health because I plan to live past 100, and continue to “slow down my aging!”  As much as I love working in Real Estate Asset Management…health & fitness has been a passion of mine since I started working out at the age of 14 (freshmen in high school).  English speaking countries have evolved into “extremely unhealthy and obese citizens.”  No matter your occupation – you can slowly change with “ZERO BURNOUT and ZERO INJURIES!”  Don’t compare yourselves to these “young fuckers” on instagram that live at the gym, use steroids/HGH, starve themselves, and photoshop their pics!  Say NO to the BULLSHIT and say “YES” to a slower progression that will produce everlasting results, that will slow down aging, so you will still have the drive and body to “fuck until the day you die.”  Oh, if you don’t like my language – piss off and go somewhere else!  This is for adults that aren’t over-sensitive and offended by every fuckin thing – you have to be mature enough to handle this content:)

My Goal:  I don’t want to be some “old decrepit fat-fuck” that looks and feels like shit:)   I want to age with grace and style!

There’s more to come!  See you at the gym!

Will Roadhouse | CEO of Compass Group International

Facebook Page:

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