It takes BIG BALLS to Pursue your Passions!


There are 3 things that I’m SUPER PASSIONATE about:

  1. Fitness and Health!
  2. World Travel (any travel outside of N. America)!
  3. Great Movies and TV Shows!

The focus in my professional life (for the last 15yrs) as a “business owner” has strictly been “International Real Estate!”  My profession allows me to travel to exotic “retirement” destinations around the world…living in “postcard moments.”  With my brief 8 year stint working with HGTV’s House Hunters International – I got the “entertainment bug!”  And lastly, I’ve been working out since I was in 9th grade (14yrs old) – I’m currently working on getting into the best health I’ve ever been!

Now, I’m going to combine all three of my “PASSIONS” into something new!  It’s taken a lot of time to come up with a strategy but I think I finally have it down:)  

1978793_1529897187274054_5604265641487329798_n.jpgWith my business partner (Dean Studebaker) and close friends like Jason Johnson (which share in the same passions as I do) – we’re going to “dive in” and get to work!  There’s going to be “hit and misses” but that’s all a part of being an Entrepreneur!  We have a lot of great idea’s that we’re going to bring to fruition.  I’ve always believed:  

Execution + Putting in the Hours = SUCCESS!

There is no substitution for “executing a plan and putting in the hours!”  Any billionaire will tell you that, “money doesn’t come easy” – they made a lot of sacrifices…and worked long hours.

Fast money = Faster Bankruptcy!  

The message I’m sending to all my “close friends” is:  You’re never too old and it’s never too late to pursue “what you LOVE!”  It takes “big balls” – “long hours” – “and the openness for change” – is what distinguishes us from those that “hate their job.”  I urge you to, “take some time and self-reflect on why you’re not doing what you LOVE.”  

Please don’t forget…”Time is your most important commodity!”

Your friend Will Roadhouse


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