Visiting a Foreign Country: How to be “The Tourist That Every Local Despises!”

  1. Make sure you’re really obnoxious!  The louder you are…the better.  If you don’t get your way – raise a lot of hell (yell at everyone) and throw out some profanities.  

Reality:  This will get your ass kicked or worse yet – stabbed!


  1.  Make sure you wear flip-flops and tank tops everywhere you go, Ladies, wear the “low-cut” shorts with half your ass hanging out or dress like you’re going to the gym – especially in religious areas like temples.  

Reality:  Have some respect.  You don’t wear this shit when you go to church – don’t do it overseas!  Dressing like a “sloppy tourist” marks you as a target for scams.  You can avoid getting ripped-off and the locals will have more respect for you – if you dress better.

  1. Make sure you “never take your shoes off when entering establishments” – especially when entering homes.  Just walk in with your gross shoes (or flip-flops) into their clean house…and trek your shit everywhere!

41f03KXIjLL.jpgReality:  This is the most disgusting “western habit!”  Most countries (not just 3rd world countries) think this is completely gross and unsanitary!

4. Guys only.  Make sure you approach every “hot girl” thinking they’re a hooker…because you believe that every girl in this country is “for hire.”

Reality:  I see this low-class shit all the time in poor Asian and Latin countries.  These are the disgusting assholes that are “losers” in their home country so they will come to a 3rd world country thinking they’re “the shit.”  Wrong!  These tourist are the worse!  Go back home asshole!

  1.  Impatient!  Believe it or not – Americans are the 2nd worse tourists in the world…the absolutely worse tourists are the Mainland Chinese!  The #1 most irritating complaint from locals is the “lack of patience” from foreign tourists.  First of all – you’re on vacation…so chill the fuck out.  Expect things to be unorganized, and things will take longer when traveling in (and around) these exotic destinations.  

Reality:  Asshole tourists have many things in common – something bad always happens to them…robbed, scammed, beat up, stabbed – just to name a few.  Stay in your home country if you’re a DICK.

Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass Group International
International Real Estate Consultant & Asset Management
TV Producer
Author: Roadhouse 30min Guides for Expats!
Facebook Page:
Soundclould Podcast Channel: @willroadhouse
Instagram: @WillRoadhouse
Twitter: @WillRoadhouse41f03KXIjLL.jpg


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