Roadhouse 30min Expat Guides! These are the people that SHOULD NOT MOVE TO A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY!


I talk a lot about the many advantages of moving overseas.  I’ve been asked by my followers on my podcasts to write and talk about, “why someone should NOT move to these countries in Latin America and SE Asia.”  Please be forewarned…I do NOT candy-coat anything.  If you’re someone that get’s offended easy…please do not read this article.  I don’t want to hear your STUPID comments.

These are the reasons and “types of people” that should NOT live abroad:

You’re extremely OBESE (grossly fat or overweight):  If you think “fat-shaming” is big in countries like the United States…it’s 100 times WORSE in Asia!  There, everyone will “fat-shame” you in public.  They will stare at you like “you’re an exhibit in a zoo.”  Obese individuals “stick out like a sore-thumb” in Asian countries…especially the poorer countries.  Locals are small and skinny…fat people stick out.  Kids will take pictures and poke fun of you…adults will straight up tell you to,” lose some weight and exercise,” old grandma’s will ask you… “how come you so FAT?”  I shit you not – this actually happens.  So, if you’re “thin-skinned” and emotionally scarred by “fat shaming” in the US…don’t come to Asia.

You’re a WHORE-MONGER:  Yes it’s true…In many poorer countries you will see dirty old men with young prostitutes all over the world!  These guys are too damn ugly to get a decent women in Western countries, so they move abroad to 3rd world countries knowing they can pay for a hot girl.  If you’re one of these guys – here are the problems you face:

  • Let’s face it – you’re fuckin ugly, divorced, FAT, and lonely.  Someone told you that, “hot young women will cater to all your needs in these countries.”  Let me tell you…you’re looking for LOVE in the WRONG PLACE!  
  • You will get scammed.  You will become their personal ATM!  These women will always tell you they need money for some bullshit…school tuition…water buffalo is sick…their parents need an operation…their hand is always out!
  • The LONG-CON actually happens in these poorer countries.  These women will actually marry you…have children with you…after 10…15 years…they will leave you, and, they’ve changed all your property (and bank accounts) to her name – leaving you with the kids and no money!  And on top of this…you will eventually find out that she’s had a boyfriend or husband this whole time.  Yeah…the jokes on you!
  • You bring her back to your country…she’s hot – you’re ugly…she will find a better looking guy with more money and leave you.  All she wanted was a “green-card!”

Listen up dumbasses…don’t fall in LOVE or MARRY prostitutes!  There are many really nice women in these countries that are not “bar-girls” or “working in a brothels” that will make an amazing girlfriend and/or wife.  Many of these women don’t like the local men because they’re: lazy, they beat them, they cheat on them, and they’re always drunk!  You just have to get off your ass and find them!  Bottomline…dating a hooker will get you a lot of DRAMA…you will get scammed…conned…and worse case – killed!

You’re a hardcore drug user and/or dealer:  These people need to stay in the N. America or Europe in one of these “narco-friendly countries.”  In Asia…you will be killed or in prison for the rest of your life!  It will happen sooner or later…they love to throw foreigners in prison for drugs!  These Asian countries don’t fuck-around when it comes to drugs.  Stay in your western country or go to Latin America!

You’re an obnoxious asshole and an alcoholic:  In both Latin America and SE Asia you will get the shit kicked out of you…stabbed…or killed!  Locals don’t put up with this kind of shit from foreigners.  Every Time you read about a foreigner getting jumped or stabbed…90% of the time it’s because they were rude and obnoxious!  Trust me…the western media you read, tells you a different story when these things happen overseas.  

These countries are a “slice of paradise” to most expats and/or vacationers.  But…there are always the dumbasses that think that their 1st world citizenship and their money gives them the right to treat “locals” like shit.  Life in these countries (especially in SE Asia) far exceeds most Western Countries in “lifestyle” and “cost of living.”  There are very few sacrifices one has to make when moving here, AND, the “higher quality of life” far exceeds these sacrifices.  In my personal experience…there are NO sacrifices!  

Moving abroad is NOT for everyone.  Please be safe – use your head – and make sure you carefully weigh your options.  Here are my top 3 countries (in order) for those looking to live…work…retire:

  1. Thailand
  2. Philippines
  3. Vietnam

I don’t have any Latin countries on this list because SE Asia has a lower cost-of-living, more business opportunities (if you have to work), inexpensive health care, and you will never be bored!  But the biggest ADVANTAGE is…housing is HALF the cost of Latin counties!  You can buy a NEW home here for less than $50k USD and everything is within walking distance!neo may 8.2.jpg

My new book: The Roadhouse 30min Guides for Expats!  Living on $1,000 a month in Bangkok Thailand will be out later this year!

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