Living on $1,000 a Month in Thailand: 7 Reasons Why I CHOSE Thailand!

Will May 2.jpg

  1. Thailand is close to many interesting countries I want to explore!
  2. I can have multiple homes throughout Thailand for the price of one home in the United States! And, I own these homes – titled to me – no leases! Condo’s start at $50k USD!
  3. My money goes 4-5 times further!
  4. I don’t need to own a car!
  5. I never have to cook another meal!
  6. The Thai people are extremely friendly and compassionate! And, there’s a large Expat Community!
  7. I’M NEVER BORED! Unlike living in Latin America!

See you in Thailand!


For more information about purchasing a home in Thailand or any other destination – contact Compass Group International!

Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass Group International
International Real Estate Consultant & Asset Management
TV Producer
Author: Roadhouse 30min Guides for Expats!
Facebook Page:
Soundclould Podcast Channel: @willroadhouse
Instagram: @WillRoadhouse
Twitter: @WillRoadhouse


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