A Dose of reality…BEWARE OF FALSE IDOLS! These are the hardest type of people to find…

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BEWARE OF FALSE IDOLS! These are the hardest type of people to find…
Technology is great! I love it! It saves me a lot of time and it’s made my life more convenient. It’s allowed me to find and connect with clients throughout the world! But, it has it’s flaws! Especially the perception of the “true realities of life” and developing “interpersonal relationships.” In the age of Social Media I find it harder and harder to find…
In the past, it was easier to see, “what’s behind that person’s TRUE SELF.” One couldn’t hide behind the virtual world of Social Media!
As a consultant – I’m in the “people business.” And through my personal experience, I’ve found (in the last decade) people living in 1st world developed countries to be more miserable. The most common insecurity is…”jealousy.” And the arrogance of “self-entitlement!” No matter what one has – it’s not good enough…they always want more! They want to be “noticed” – they want to be “popular” – they want “fame.” In the past (without the tools of social media) it was hard for most people to be noticed. NOW…everyone, and anyone can be popular. Is this a good thing? Take this time and really think for a moment, think about how social media has changed “personal perception,” and how we see and “judge” others? Aside from the business aspects of utilizing social media…is your life better on a personal level? Do you have better relationships? Or…are you more LONELY THAN EVER?
I’ve often told many close friends, “I only use social media to brand my business and to generate more leads.” As a business owner – social media is a necessity! 100% of our business leads are generated from our marketing campaigns. BUT, there will be a day when you see all my social media pages gone…deactivated! And I’ve disappeared from these sites…that’s when you know – I’m retired:)” I’m far away enjoying “LIFE” – developing traditional relationships with authentic people. Unlike most, I see more and more “lonely” and “insecure people” doing anything they can to get a “like” or a “view.” Is it “pathetic?” YES. Is it “healthy?” NO! The sad reality is…”The rise of non-authentic people” is HERE!
Everyone has a “front and back-stage.” In the past, your “back-stage” hid your insecurities from the world. Today, a person’s “back-stage” is really who they are…the “un-photoshopped version of their true self – the one they despise.” There is a lot of “self-loathing” going on these days. To hide their reflection, many people “create a Virtual life of absolute FICTION…filled with lies!” There’s nothing truthful about who they are – there’s always an ulterior motive to conceal the TRUTH. And they don’t want to be “unplugged.” The bullshit reality they create is, who they really want to be:
  • The wannabe model (this is really popular)
  • The wannabe digital nomad or online entrepreneur, that travels the world working 4 hrs a week, and makes millions of dollars in their sleep…PURE FICTION!!! Most are dirt poor, they can’t afford to live in 1st world countries so they move to poor foreign cities in Latin America and SE Asia. There’s no glamor in these so called “digital nomads” living in poverty in shitty hostels or apartments! They market and try to sell you “their secret to making millions while traveling the world!” Let me break it down for you…It’s all BULLSHIT! Like most actors – very few are actually making money.
  • I’ve saved the best for last – these people are the biggest SCAMMERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! The wannabe millionaire! Everything they post…is NOT THEIRS! Or it’s LEASED or RENTED! They don’t own a damn thing and they’re up to their eyeballs in DEBT! It’s all PERCEPTION! The houses, cars, clothing, jewelry and the massive amount of “Diarrhea that spews from their mouth.” IT’S ALL BULLSHIT!
I don’t have any of these types of assholes in my life…but I’ve seen them in their “true form.” The “front-stage” they portray is this “caring and compassionate person, that uses religion and EGO” to lure you into their “world of FICTION.” But…their back-stage is a, “messed up, insecure, drug addicted, scamming piece of shit, that’s cares only for themselves,” and wants to make a QUICK BUCK FROM YOU!
I’m not writing this article because “someone has cheated or scammed me.” I’m writing this article, to help the few “compassionate and loving” people that are constantly being “fucked up the ass” by these con-artists!
Please take the time to “see what’s behind” your “so called” mentors…friends…and those you follow on Social Media! You’re better than that:) Stopped getting conned!
“There’s a SUCKER born every minute – make sure you’re not one of them!”
A Dose of reality…BEWARE OF FALSE IDOLS!
Will Roadhouse – Realist!

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