Roadhouse 30min Guides (moving to Bangkok, Thailand): 5 Things to bring to Bangkok!

Roadhouse 30min Guides (moving to Bangkok, Thailand): 5 Things to bring to Bangkok!

You can buy 99% of everything you need in Bangkok, but here are a few things I suggest based on personal experience.


  1. Personal Electronics: Anything made from “Apple” in Thailand is more expensive! iPhones, iPads, iPod, appleWatch…! Android phones and tablets like Samsung, LG, Motorola are similar in price. Also, bring a good wifi router from home.
  2. Computers: Bring these items from home – it’s more expensive in Thailand!
  3. DSLR’s, Lenses, Video Cameras – any “Pro” equipment!
  4. High-End “name brand” Jewelry and Fashion accessories – MUCH more expensive in Thailand! High-end watches, purses, shoes…brands like Gucci, Prada, LV, Dior, Hermes, Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Montblanc – are more expensive! For example Nike “free” running shoes here are twice the price! Anything “name brand” will be 25-100% more.
  5. Two great bottles of WINE! This may sound strange – many wines imported to Thailand are spoiled…it’s hot here!  And they don’t know how to properly “ship and store” wines. There are many wine shops – often over priced. I suggest packing two excellent bottles of wine (in travel sleeves – you can find them in Amazon) into your check-in suitcases. Hard liquor is everywhere and much cheaper! My bottle of Johnnie Walker “Blue Label” is $100 less than the states. The “craft beer” scene is exploding in Bangkok – with many “craft brew” bars opening all over town. Just bring wine:)IMG_0995.jpgIMG_0989.jpg

Everything else you can buy here in Bangkok! You can get tailored made suits, shirts and dress shoes made – cheap clothing is everywhere!


Your condo will be furnished, but we have an Ikea in the “Mega BangNa” mall if you need anything else.


Do not bring any kitchen appliances from the States, the voltage here is 220. I learned the hard way! I burned out a Nespresso machine and a NutraBullet blender:(  You can buy 220 kitchen appliances here.

Keep a lookout for my new book – Living On $1,000 a Month in Bangkok, Thailand! Coming out Q4 2017!

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