My job as an “International Real Estate Expert” and Real Estate Asset Manager is to be years ahead of market Trends and Corrections!


My job as an “International Real Estate Consultant” and Real Estate Asset Manager is to be years ahead of market Trends and Corrections! I’ve been working in the Latin real estate market since 2002 and I believe it’s time to focus on ASIA!

I’ve been living here in Thailand for over 3 years, studying and researching Thailand, and the many Emerging Countries that surround it…my conclusion is, “NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY PROPERTY IN ASIA!” The timing is right and the real estate markets are “PRIME FOR THE PICKING!!!” THERE ARE BARGAINS EVERYWHERE!

Latin America has lost it’s luster for me and it’s getting over-priced! There are many bargains in countries like: Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore…just to name a few! The dollar and euro is strong – now is the time to buy real estate in these countries. Latin America is still a good investment if you’re looking to live there full time, but countries like Thailand and Singapore far exceeds in appreciation…rental occupancy…lower price point…and lifestyle! This maybe a surprise to you, but I no longer live in Costa Rica or Panama as of 3 years ago, and I don’t spend much time there. Asia is where it is…and this has been my home for many years. I absolutely love it here!

The Latin American culture and businesses just don’t get it…they work at a “snails pace” – nothing ever gets done – progress is slow – no one wants to make any money, no one wants to WORK (horrible work ethic), no one can make a fuckin decision, and there are very few opportunities! I’m frustrated with how they do business there…it’s getting worse – and I’m DONE! And above it all…it’s BORING!!! Beach cities are small and dumpy – It’s past it’s prime!

thai 3.pngThe largest growth in population is in Asia. The largest population of new millionaires and billionaires are in Asia! The new Silicon Valley and New Innovation is coming from Asia! There is more opportunities for all walks of life, and the lifestyle here surpasses any other REGION IN THE WORLD! If you’ve traveled or lived in Asia…you understand EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

We are wrapping up our last clients in Latin America and focusing all our resources into Asia…then (eventually) the EU countries when Brexit happens! That should prove to you my commitment to this Region! Our new travel show is solely going to focus on Asia!

Contact Compass Group International if you would like more information about buying properties in Asia! Or having one of our Asset Mangers create an income generating real estate portfolio of properties throughout Asia! I look forward to our new ventures into this amazing part of the world:)

Will Roadhouse CEO | Compass Group International


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