Social Media “No…No’s!”  Things I never do…

I’m a business owner – and every lead counts!  Other than repeat business and existing client referrals…90% of our business comes from our Social Media Campaigns.  I do not want to offend any “potential client with stupid posts!”  As a business owner these have been my personal guidelines:
1)  I never do this:  Post about anything Political!  Why? Because it’s a waste of fuckin time, no one cares…and no one wants to hear it!  The .0001% owns and controls the world, there’s nothing I can say (or influence) to make them change their mind!  I have more important things to do…I HAVE A BUSINESS TO RUN:)  Bottomline…no one give a rats-shit about what you’re complaining about;)
2)  Posting pictures of family members, my residences, and other personal items.  I’m a very private person and it’s no one’s business.  And, there are a lot of weirdo’s (and thieves) out there…all it takes is one asshole to make things difficult for you.  I don’t need the drama.
3)  This is my #1 RULE:  I never post anything negative, nor will I directly insult anyone!  If there’s one thing you need to know about me…I’m a realist.  I don’t “candy coat” anything but I will always be “tactful” and somewhat “witty” with my posts.  Intelligent individuals know how to express their options without directly “insulting or talking-down to others.”  I’m a very positive person and it takes a lot of work and will power to be this way – it’s something I have to work on every day.  I have no negativity in my life.  No arrogant assholes, liars, con-artists, scammers, complainers, and insecure people in my life!  You will never hear me complain or “unload a bunch of negative personal shit on social media.”  Everyone has problems…rich…middle class…and people living in poverty…all have their own problems – no one needs to hear me unload my personal shit;)
My #1 goal is to (continually) brand my company (and our services) to generate a consistent stream of new leads, and to educate people with new things I’m constantly learning.  I read an average of 3-4 hrs a day…about EVERYTHING!  I do this because “my brain craves for MORE information!”  Knowledge is POWER:)  And it’s a proven fact that reading makes you smarter!  It’s also a scientific fact that most adults get dumber and dumber as they get older.  They no longer attempt to “make themselves better!”   Also, I’m not a “Like-Whore!”  I don’t post shit for the “like-count” – I can careless if people like my content or not.  I create content for that “1 person that’s going to contact me and (together) with Compass Group International we will MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!”
Q1 is almost over and we’ve already exceeded what we did in Q1 of 2016…I hope your business is also “SURGING!”  I wish you all the best of luck…”focus on becoming a better person” – not “pointing the finger at others.
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