How to get yourself killed, stabbed, robbed and raped in 3rd world countries. These are the MOST FREQUENT!


How to get yourself killed, stabbed, robbed and raped in 3rd world countries. These are the MOST FREQUENT! I have 2-3 podcasts regarding this subject at my Soundcloud Channel:
Here is the #1 way to get yourself killed:
Renting a scooter or motorcycle! 70% (or higher) of the deaths in 3rd world (vacation hot spots) are related to tourists renting motorbikes. Traffic is unpredictable – no one follows traffic rules! Result => you get killed!
EXTRA: Other ways to die are: jaywalking, skydiving, parasailing, boating, jet skiing and driving. These countries have old equipment – often times are unsafe.
#1 Way to get yourself stabbed or the shit kicked out of you:
Skip out on your bar tab and pick a fight with the owner and/or bouncer’s. If you get ripped off – just pay your tab and walk away…lesson learned! As I tell all…”never keep a bar tab running!” Pay cash as you drink.
#1 Way to get robbed:
Wear a gold necklace and/or walking on a large public street with your face buried in your iPhone. These thieves are on motorbikes, they will snatch your shit and you won’t be able to catch them! Leave your expensive shit at home! AND keep your iPhones in your pocket as you’re walking.
#1 Way to get raped (Women):
These occurrences are more frequent in smaller beach cities and islands. Most are attractive “white females with blonde hair.” Get PISSED DRUNK and walk to your hotel (or hop on public transportation) by yourself! Don’t get “pissed” drunk! Most bad shit happens to men & women between 1am – 5am.
EXTRA: #1 way to spend the rest of you life in a shitty prison! Getting caught with any type of DRUGS! If you like to do drugs stay in North America or Europe…Don’t go to Asia! Worse case scenario: Death Penalty!
You have a much higher chance of bad shit happening to you if you do any of the above things. Be safe and respect the local laws, culture and people! There are plenty of other things to do…don’t be a dumbass;)

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