Why choose Compass Group International? We’re a very specialized “consulting firm” only catering to medium and large “multi-national organizations.”


Compass Group International is a very specialized “consulting firm” only catering to an extremely small market of medium and large “multi-national organizations” looking to expand into other international markets! Starting our roots in North America and Central America…we’ve been actively expanding our “market share” into Asia! Our “consistent marketing campaigns” is now reaching large organizations in Western Europe and Middle Eastern countries like Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. For example, “when the EURO and POUND gets CRUSHED in 2 – 3 yrs (after the official BREXIT), Compass will be there to help these European organizations “rebrand” and execute new marketing and operational strategies! Since the crash in 2007, we’ve been helping distressed organizations re-group…re-brand…become profitable again!

Keep an eye on Compass Group International we have some BIG THINGS COMING! There’s a reason why we’re the “#1 Real Estate Consulting Firm in Central America!” Marketing pays off! Results are based on a “marathon” not a sprint! As I tell all our clients…”if you’re not ready to spend $250k – $1million+ (depending on the size and scope of the organization) on your sales and marketing campaign – you’re wasting your money on a half-assed campaign!” Compass is the perfect example of “success” from a consistent marketing campaign! We’re not HURTING for business – in fact – we turn away business…we get to choose who we want to work with! And we’re consistently expanding into other international countries! If your business is missing these two components – SPEND MONEY ON A 12 – 36 MONTH SALES/MARKETING/BRANDING CAMPAIGN…a campaign that’s actively EVOLVING with the current world economy! The consultants at Compass Group International “go the extra mile!” We move to these foreign countries to ensure continual SUCCESS!

TIP: If you’re marketing firm is not willing to move abroad to be “hands-on” with your campaign…it’s time to find another company! This is why Compass Group International specializes in “Multi-National” organizations…our services and commitment to the project are UN-MATCHED!

Will Roadhouse

CEO | Compass Group International

International Real Estate Consultant & Asset Management

TV Producer

Author: Roadhouse 30min Guides for Expats!

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/willroadhouse

Podcast Channel: @willroadhouse

YouTube: www.youtube.com/willroadhouse

Instagram: @WillRoadhouse

Twitter: @WillRoadhouse


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