As I get older I have less patience for…

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As I get older I have less patience for:

– Insecure people
– Compulsive complainers
– Arrogance
– Narcissistic individuals
– Overly opinionated ass-wipes.
– People that “want you to feel sorry for them.”
– Sarcastic humor
– Overly materialistic people.
– People that constantly “make poor decisions.”
– Selfishness
– Individuals that make “everything more difficult.”
– Lonely people
– Rude people with no manners.
– Bad drunks.
– Overly religious jerk-offs.
=> I just weeded out 99.999999999% of the world’s population…and I’m perfectly fine with that:)  There’s still a shit-load of great people out there – the worlds a BIG PLACE!  If you don’t like your life – change your environment.  “You are a direct reflection of those you spend most of your time with.”  If you surround yourself with douche-bags and fuckery…you have no one to blame – but yourself.  You only have one life – make the best of it!  Fill it with great memories and experiences:) #KnowledgeComesWithAge

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