Living on $1,000 a month in countries like Thailand, Costa Rica… and more!

Living on $1,000 a month in countries like Thailand, Costa Rica… and more! There are over 10 million individuals – just in the United States looking to move to a foreign country – full-time! This does not include the part-time (2nd homeowners). Today, expatriates (of all ages) are enjoying low costs of living, free or low-cost health care, and a higher quality of life that surpasses their current lifestyle in the States. Is it possible to find a quality of life that matches or surpasses what they would be able to afford in their home country?

Answer: YES!

Living on $1,000 a month in Bangkok, Thailand will clearly show you that a better quality of life, that you can’t afford at in Bangkok -it’s a cold-hard reality:) Our experts will take you through an in-depth guide to successfully relocate you to Bangkok, Thailand. Expats living in Bangkok are saving thousands of dollars per month (just to name a few) on health care, housing, dining, entertainment/activities expenses!

You’ve worked hard your whole life to enjoy the finer things when you retire, but today more and more people are finding that the finer things simply aren’t in their budgets. The strategies and suggestions in this course are tried and proven – this isn’t theory or internet research…we actually live in Bangkok! Completing this course will give you and your family the knowledge and confidence to build a successful and happy life in Bangkok, Thailand. This is what your dream retirement should look like – this course will make your dream retirement into reality.

Head to our channel on Soundcloud and iTunes to listen to our latest podcast. Soon we will have a dedicated podcast for those seeking early retirement for $1,000 a month. And, families looking to move abroad.
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Travel Far and Live Well,

Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass TV Network


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