Roadhouse 30min Guides (moving to Thailand): 3 (more) Western Habits you will lose living in Thailand!

1. The Need to Cook for yourself: IMG_5799After spending my first month in Thailand, I soon realized why kitchens (in condos) were so small – no one cooks! There’s no reason to! Dining out is convenient and inexpensive. When I’m back in the States for a visit (after a few days) I tell myself – cooking BLOWS! Preparing a “healthy meal” is expensive, time consuming and inconvenient! Especially when most of my meals are less than $2! I can’t wait to get back to Thailand:)



2. Over Tipping! Americans are known to “over-tip” – even when the service is bad. Here in Thailand, “tipping is optional” but not necessary. FYI…you don’t “tip” in Japan! The service in most establishments far exceeds the American standard! You will receive the best service without having the need to tip!IMG_6709

3. This is not necessarily a “habit” – but it’s something you lose…your old friends back home. If you’re American – the chance of your friends visiting you in Thailand – is slim to none. American’s don’t like to travel, and jumping on a plane for 12 -14hrs (over 24hrs of total travel) scares the shit out of them! Skyping and Facetime gets old after awhile – especially the (12 – 15 hr) time difference. When they’re waking up – you’re getting ready to head out for dinner or in bed.. Time zones kill relationships! Trying to schedule time to talk gets tedious after so many failed attempts. You’re in a new city – everything is, “shiny and new!”  There are so many new distractions – it’s easy to lose touch with people back in your “native country.” Many will also be envious of your new lifestyle abroad – jealousy kicks in…and you lose a friend. On a personal note, I still consider my friends in the States “my close friends” but I rarely talk to any of them. I’m not married, I don’t have kids, our lives are very different – they have their lives and I have mine. I no longer communicate with 99% of them…our lifestyle and priorities are completely different. Not to worry, you will meet many new and exciting people in Thailand…I sure did:)  It’s hard to “get lonely” living in a culture built around an active “social life!” I go out every day – there’s always something to do! I love my life here in Thailand:)DSC00275

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