Roadhouse 30min Guides (moving to Bangkok, Thailand): 3 Western Habits you will lose living in Thailand!


1. Anti-Social (home-body): There’s alway something to do at all hours in Bangkok – people are everywhere and it’s a noisy city. But I love it! Between the hours of 5pm – 1am the city comes alive! People from all walks of life are out socializing, eating, drinking – it’s part of the Asian culture. It’s very easy to meet people – unlike the States. There’s a large expat community here in Bangkok…actually throughout Thailand!


  1. Dressing Better: North American’s are the absolutely worst dressed individuals of all the 1st world countries. Everyone dresses like they are “going to the gym,” or in shorts, flipflops and a tank top. You will lose this habit in Asia. The Thai’s in Bangkok are always dressed nice – they rarely dress down. After a while you tend to ask yourself more often, “do I dress like a slob?” Tip for men: STOP WEARING CARGO SHORTS in Asia or Europe! They are no longer in fashion and they look like shit!  


  1. The Need to Drive: Living in Bangkok for over three years – I still do not own a car.  Nor do I miss having one. When I’m in the States I quickly realize, that owning a car, and having to drive everywhere…SUCKS! Public transportation is efficient, convenient, clean and inexpensive. You learn to appreciate “walking” to your destination. On an average day (in addition to working out at my gym) I walk between 4 – 7 miles. Running errands, getting something to eat or just going somewhere for coffee.


Will Roadhouse

CEO | Compass Group International

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