Living Abroad in Bangkok Thailand: Staying in good health!


The biggest concern with most Expats looking to move to Bangkok (PT/FT) is their “healthcare” needs.  Often people would ask me, “is the healthcare there any good?”  They assume it’s “piss-poor” country so that must mean lousy healthcare.  Wrong!  Thailand, especially here in Bangkok has some of the top hospitals in the World!  Even affluent individuals from all over Asia, Europe and the Middle East come here for treatment. 1)  Top Doctors!  2)  Very affordable!  A fraction of the prices in the Western Countries!  3)  Medication is super cheap!  I’m not sick but I wanted to try something different.  IMG_20140206_162244.jpg

I read about the benefits of “multi-vitamin” intravenous IV’s.  I thought I would give it a try!  IMG_20140206_161757.jpgI found this place close to where I live.  They were offering a promo of IV with a foot massage, cold beverage and lite snack all for $50!  It’s very affordable to stay healthy here in Bangkok!

I have to tell you it was a great experience:)  The whole process took two hours.  I felt pretty damn good afterwards – so I headed straight to the gym!


See you in Bangkok!

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