Living abroad in Bangkok (BKK), Thailand: A Typical Compass Work Schedule!

6am – 8am: Work.  Conference calls with clients and staff in the “Americas.”  It’s morning here in Bangkok but early evening in the States and Central America. IMG_1119.JPG

8am – 9am:  Workout at the gym in our building.  Dean likes to spend 30mins hitting the weights then the last 30mins in the pool.  I…on the other hand: 30mins weights followed by 30mins plyometrics & shadow boxing. IMG_1336.JPG

9am – 10am:  We both walk to the nearby “morning market” to pick up breakfast.  Dean grabs some pineapples and mangos – I buy a coconut and some guavas.  Back to our condo’s to eat our breakfast.  Total cost for our healthy breakfast = $1.50 dollars each!  I have an iLLY machine, so I will also make an espresso and take a tablespoon of “local cold filtered coconut oil” with my fruit. IMG_1155.JPG

10am – 12pm:  We agree to meet in my condo at 10am to go over our “Offshore Entrepreneur” workshops and materials for the new books.  We also discuss “production ideas” and research for our travel show. investing overseas strength of US dollar.png

12pm – 1pm:  1 hour deep tissue “Thai Massage” for 150 baht = $4.25!  Yeah…crazy cheap!  I usually prefer 2 hours, but I only have time for a 1 hour massage, because we have a lunch meeting with clients from the States that’s in town for the first time! maxresdefault.jpg

1:30pm – 4pm: Lunch meeting with client at the Intercontinental Hotel on Sukhumvit.  We’re going over the “real estate portfolio’s” we’re creating for them with properties throughout Asia! I really like this hotel – great location!  And they have an excellent Dim Sum buffet here.  Clients wants to meet us for dinner and drinks in our “neck of the woods” – the W District at 9pm. intercontinental-bangkok-hotel-01.jpg

4pm to 7pm:  We all walk over to Siam Paragon for a coffee and snack.  While our clients are off exploring this huge mall. …I’m craving some Japanese cheesecake and an espresso, both cost me a grand total of $3 dollars!  Dean takes this “down time” and b-lines for some “duck noodle soup” at his favorite vendor – price $2 bucks!   So many people here at this time of the day.  Cool place to hangout and people watch.  Text our clients and told them we’re head home to jump on a few conference calls and we’ll see them later tonight! IMG_6650.JPG

7pm to 9pm:  Work.  Conference calls – it’s morning in the Americas.  After the calls and going over a few things, Dean goes back to his condo and headed down to take a quick dip in the pool.  It’s pretty hot today!  I told him to come by 10 til to head over to the W District…it’s directly across the street from us – we live in a great location!

8:45pm to 12pm:  The W District is an outdoor entertainment and food center filled with 20-30 food vendors, two outdoor bars, live entertainment and an art gallery.  There’s also many restaurants in the surrounding area.  The 5 of us sample many types of cuisines from Spanish Tapas, Northern Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American, and French cuisine…just to name a few!  So many great places to eat here!  The giant Beer tower was the drink of choice tonight:)  Strange thing they do here because it’s so damn hot – they put ice cubes into beer. I don’t do it because I don’t like “watered down beer.” IMG_1251-COLLAGE.jpg

Midnight rolls around and we’ve had a full night of eating and drinking.  A foot massage sounds good right now.  Kalm-Spa-Urbana-Langsuan-Hotel-Spa-Bangkok-Foot-Massage-Spanity.jpgThere are many places still open at this hour but we have to head towards Nana.  The BTS shuts down at midnight so we flag down two taxis.  200 baht for an hour foot massage – that’s $6 dollars!  Along the way I can’t resist the “Thai Sausages” on a stick so I buy a few at .25 cents each and wash it down with a baby coconut ($1).  To ensure I don’t get a “hangover” I opt for another coconut to rehydrate:)  The nights in BKK are filled with food carts serving all sorts of tasty snacks!


1:30am rolls around and the night is still young but I’m head home – good night!

Bangkok…there’s always something to do at all hours.  Never a dull moment!13775445_990933507688629_7741737090254156611_n.png

Head to our “Podcast Channel” to learn more about living, working and investing overseas!

See you in Bangkok!



Will Roadhouse

CEO | Compass Group International

#1 Real Estate Consulting Firm in Central America!


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