Offshore Entrepreneur! (1 on 1) Workshop! Destination Costa Rica or Thailand!

Offshore eOffshore Entrepreneur! Destination Costa Rica…or Thailand! Are you thinking about relocating overseas to a tropical paradise like Costa Rica? You’re not ready to retire, but your business allows you to “work remotely,” OR, you’re looking to start a new business based in Costa Rica…or somewhere in Central America! Relocating and working abroad can be quite intimidating, but, the rewards are SUPERIOR!

Link to purchase workshop ($199):

30e81508-0a88-40bf-82e7-ebe575b70595The staff at Compass Group International (#1 Real Estate Consulting Firm in Central America) has been based and working “successfully” and “remotely” from foreign countries like Costa Rica since 2002! Here’s the 4-day workshop overview:

=> No more “group” webinars – nothing to read and no videos! Just “1 on 1” time (via video-conference or phone) with one of our offshore consultants! This 4-Part workshop is tailored to you! We will answer all your questions and bring up many that you never asked yourself!
=> 4 (1 hour) sessions with a Compass Consultant! All 4 sessions must be used within 30 days.
=> Discuss and analyze your current professional life and occupation. We’ll give you a custom “relocation strategy” that will ensure success in Costa Rica! Housing, transportation, how to set up a Costa Rican LLC (and business account), immigration & visa, attorney’s, CPA’s/bookkeepers, lifestyle management…and more! You will have access to all our RESOURCES IN COSTA RICA and THAILAND!!!
=> Most importantly, our consultants will advise you on whether: your business will succeed in Costa Rica or not, and, if moving abroad will benefit you! Many have made the mistake of moving abroad without proper planning. Don’t make this mistake! Not everyone or every company will be successful in Costa Rica!

Compass Group International: Thailand

Moving to a 2nd or 3rd world country can be incredibly FRUSTRATING!!! There are so many “factors” in this transition (either part-time or full-time) that can “make or break” your enjoyment – in the “tropical paradise” you will soon call home.
=> Every individual (and families) are completely different! This is the only “Expat” program that’s customized to you! We will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours of researching! All (immediate) family members will be able to be in these consulting sessions.

IMG_2313All these questions come up:
=> Should I buy or rent? Is there financing?
=> Can foreigners own a home in this country?
=> Which country would best fit my monthly budget…can I live on $1,000 or $2,000 a month?
=> Where should I start my research?
=> Are there any good books I can read?
=> How do I keep from getting scammed!!!?
=> Is this a safe country to live?
=> Is there good healthcare?
=> Which part of the city will best fit my lifestyle?
=> Are there “professional” opportunities if I want to work there?
=> What the are visa and residency requirements?
=> Can I open a bank account…and how?
=> Are there good schools for my children? These are just the many questions one will ask themselves before making a move abroad. It can be INTIMIDATING! The consultants of Compass Group International take the “guess out” of moving overseas, and have been “working and living” in Central America and Asia for 15+ years! They have sold thousands of homes all over the world, and produced for tv shows like HGTV’s “House Hunters International!” This (1 on 1) consultation will help you and your loved ones, make the RIGHT CHOICE! We will take out all the frustrations of moving abroad! We will save you hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars! No more unnecessary online research, no more books to read, and no more video’s to watch…it’s just you and your Offshore Advisor!

Do it right the first time! There are many “pieces” that must me analyzed and put together in ensure professional (and personal) success in “Expat Havens” like Costa Rica! Life is better overseas but you have to make sure you’re the “right fit?” This is the best investment you can make if you’re planning to move to Central America or Southeast Asia!

=> To purchase this workshop, please click on the “checkout” button.

=> This online consultation does not include Costa Rican LLC. This is an additional fee – please inquire for more info.

Please use the “check out” tab to purchase this 4-Part workshop on our Facebook Shop! In addition to this 4-Part “teleconference workshop,” Compass Group International also offers an “off-site” (in country) 4-day workshop in Costa Rica and Thailand! This will give you and your family a more “hands on” experience. For more information about this 4-day Costa Rican or Thailand immersion program, please contact Compass Group International directly from our facebook pages.

Link to purchase workshop ($199):

will 3Compass Group International (est. 2002)
Central America & Southeast Asia
CEO | Will Roadhouse
COO | Dean Studebaker
#1 Real Estate Consulting Firm in Central America!
HGTV “House Hunters International” 2004 – 2012!


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