Q&A: Condo in Jomtien Beach Thailand!


Q&A about this condo:
Is this condo “titled to me?” Or is it in a corporation?
This condo was purchased under the 49% “foreigner ownership” – that means 49 percent of the units are set aside for “foreigner ownership with 51% for Thai. Also, the title is “freehold” and titled to under your name. You have 100% ownership just like your home in the States.

How far is the beach? From your doorstep on the second floor is less than a 2 minute walk down the street!

Is there an ocean view? Yes, there is a “peek-a-boo” ocean view off the balcony.

Association dues? $50 a month – paid annually.


Amenities: Gym, rooftop deck with infinity pool with ocean view.

Hospitals? Thailand has excellent healthcare and one of the most affordable in the world! Google it! There are excellent hospitals in Pattaya (only 10mins away). And “world renown” hospitals in Bangkok (2hrs away).

DSC01633Living expenses? Cost of living in Thailand is a fraction of N. America or UK! Jomtien/Pattaya is 20-30% less expensive than Bangkok. With no home payment, an individual can live on $500-1,000 a month and you will never have to cook a meal again! I eat all my meals out. Healthy and inexpensive!

What are the beaches like? Jomtien Beach is nicer than Pattaya’s beach and this city is considered “classier.” The beaches here are cleaner and less crowded than Pattaya.

Owner Financing? The owner will carry back at 50% LTV ($50k USD down payment). The other $50k will be financed at 8% and ballon in 3 years. No credit check – everyone will be approved!

Cash Buyers will get a slight discount if they don’t need to finance.

gallery_08Furnishings? This unit has just about everything. You only need to buy dishes, flatware, and your clothes. Everything from TV, bedding, towels are provided – all new! Even tooth paste, soap and shampoo:)

5% Commission? This commission will be paid to anyone that sends a warm lead – that closes. You do not have to be a licensed realtor or broker to be paid! Just a warm referral and we will take it from there. No need to do any paperwork or come to the country to register your buyer.

Can I do “short term rentals?” YES! no need to use AirBnB – there’s two on-site property management companies! But, if you still want to market it yourself and use services like AirBnB you can.

For more information please send us a message or email: Will@1Compass.net


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