Living Abroad: Why moving to a 3rd world country is fun and exciting!


Living Abroad! Why moving to a 3rd world country is fun and exciting! I’ve been living overseas for over 15+ years – here are the reason’s why “life is better overseas!”
  1. I grew up in the States and there are just too many “opinionated – dumbasses” and a shit-load of “angry people!” Everyone has an opinion, but no one wants to do anything about it…instead they want to “tell you how it needs to be done.” Complete hypocrite! I also find many “illiterate” and unintelligent people in these 1st world countries. It’s ok to be stupid and uneducated in a 3rd world country…because its a 3rd world country – not everyone has access to schooling. BUT…there’s no excuse to be a “dumbass” in a 1st world developed country like America. The ironic thing is, I find more generous and compassionate people in these poor countries. Immersing myself in these countries helps me believe “there is still GOOD in people.” They teach me love and compassion:)
  2. I lived most of my childhood in the States and every summer we spent the full three months in Asia. Growing up – I hated it! I despised being away from my friends. As an adult, traveling the world is completely different. Everything is exciting and new…Food, culture, climate, people – it’s a first for everything! It’s like experiencing your “first kiss” over and over again:) Living in the States just got B-O-R-I-N-G! I found happiness through adventure and new experiences traveling & living abroad.
  3. Pampered lifestyle. I don’t have to cook – I eat all my meals out. Unlike the US where “fast food” is “shit-food” – I can have “made to order” fresh and healthy food everywhere I go. My average cost for a meal is $2.00! I can have someone clean my house weekly for $60 a month. I don’t have to drive or own a car. I can fly to neighboring countries on a weekend excursion for $100, and experience a completely new culture and see new sites. I can get “deep-tissue” 2 hour massages for $15! Spa treatments – like 1hr facials for $15! I can have a “tailored” suit to my specs for $300-400:) I have ZERO stress here. As they say in Australia…”I have no worries.”
If you’re bored as fu@k – move to a different country.
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