Costa Rican Food – Healthy! Shockingly Good!

Costa Rican Food – Healthy! Shockingly Good!

When I first went to Costa Rica in early 2002 I was expecting it to be similar to Mexican cuisine. Fatting and filled with cheese…tacos, enchilada, chimichanga, burritos, refried beans and red rice – I was wrong! The food here in Costa Rica is better!

Food here is not fatting or heavy…kinda like the aftermath from a Mexican meal. Expect the cuisine here to be filled with fresh locally grown vegetables,  white rice, black beans (which is extremely healthy), plantains (I like to eat these last as my desert) and your grilled meat or fish of choice. Here’s a tip! Obviously our seafood is fresh and our beef is grass-fed BUT the chicken here is AMAZING! Chicken that actually tastes like chicken – instead of the steroid freak-of-a-chicken we get back in the States that’s bland!

I come to Costa Rica to eat healthy and to lose weight! The only time I gain weight is when I’m back in the States, and the crazy thing is…I’m on a diet. Living overseas in countries like Costa Rica allows me to eat tasty (healthy) food and get fit at the same time:)

Grass fed beef plate: $9

All of our beef in Costa Rica is grass-fed! Google pictures of cows and you will see for yourself. We don’t pay “extra” for “organic” because its all organic:) You may think that this steak maybe expensive for CR – you’re wrong. How much would you pay for “grass-fed” beef at your local restaurant? In California this would run me $30 or more!

Traditional grilled pork chop plate: $7

The two plates above are from a well known establishment close to the Liberia International Airport – prices here are a bit higher but you get a larger portion! The same food in a small “mom & pop” TICO restaurant will be in the $4 – $7 dollar range.

Fresh Seabass plate: $7

I love Seabass! But its damn expensive! At a typical America restaurant a dinner like this would cost $25-30! And, not as fresh! I can confidently tell you that this piece of fish was caught yesterday or this morning:) Now that’s fresh!

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Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass Group International


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