World Travel: my 3 favorite photos!

my 3 favorite photos: Bordeaux, France. We just finished a killer lunch of Steak & Fries when I saw this…I had to capture it! Southern France is one of the most beautiful places on Earth:) shot with an iPhone


my 3 favorite photos: Savusavu, Fiji. While shooting a new episode for HGTV’s House Hunters International (we produced 4 episodes for HHI in Fiji), the crew and I had the opportunity to visit a local elementary school. The children there were so happy to “pose” for the camera. Fiji was an incredible experience – I will never forget it:) shot with an iPhone.


my 3 favorite photos: London, England. It was my first night in London and I was exploring the city, around 9pm I saw these guys dressed in wedding gowns (holding broccoli) heading to a party. I politely asked if I could take their photo…this is what I captured:) shot with an iPhone.



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