Thailand: Exploring the Floating Markets just outside of Bangkok!

‪#‎TravelUnCut‬! Exploring the ‪#‎FloatingMarket‬ just outside ‪#‎Bangkok‬ ‪#‎Thailand‬! Eating, drinking and shopping. Always a fun experience:) And more travel TIPS! Click lower button to watch in HD! ‪#‎CompassGroupInternational‬ ‪#‎CompassTVNetwork‬ ‪#‎expat‬ ‪#‎worldTravel‬
Roadhouse 30min Guides: Living on $1,000 a Month in Bangkok, Thailand! Coming soon to all “digital bookstores!” I will be releasing my new Expat’s Guides to my favorite international cities! I will make the announcement on my facebook fan page (the link is on this podcast): Will Roadhouse.

The staff at Compass Group International has a deep passion for world travel and exploring different parts of the globe. We do not receive any compensation for producing our podcasts and videos, please support us by “liking” “subscribing” and “sharing” our podcasts with your friends & family. Also, feel free to share this on any of your social media sites! Many of our audio podcasts have accompanying videos on our youtube channel:

If you’re looking to move abroad Compass Group International also offers “one-on-one” consultation. Please head to our facebook page or email me for more information.
Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass Group International


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