3 FUTURE Trends I see in Travel!


3 FUTURE Trends I see in Travel!

1) Asia will beat out Europe and Latin America as the most traveled destinations in the world! Why? People want change and they’re tired of European and Latin countries. People want EXOTIC! People want bargains…traveling in Southeast Asia is much more affordable.
2) Due to oversupply and competition, the cost of traveling abroad will decrease. Why? Low oil prices will cut airfare by 25-50% – we’re already seeing it now. There are too many new hotels and the raise of ,short-term rental sites, like AirBnB will will drive the price down…we’re already seeing it now. Competition in hospitality is FIERCE – but that’s good for the consumer!
3) American’s will finally start to travel more…internationally! Due to the raise in travel shows and social media, Americans will finally feel more comfortable to travel outside of the US. Asians, Canadian, and Europeans are the largest demographics to travel abroad – I feel this will change over the next decade! TV and Social Media has shown Americans that “traveling abroad is not scary.” Americans are finally getting the “travel bug!”
Travel Far & Travel Often!
Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass Group International

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