Living Abroad: 5 things I love about my life in Bangkok, Thailand!

5 things

Living Abroad: 5 things I love about my life in Bangkok, Thailand!

  1. NOT Owning a car – DRIVING! Clean and inexpensive public transportation is readily available throughout Bangkok. I prefer to use the Sky Train (BTS) over taxis because it’s a lot faster! The BTS is clean and extremely convenient. I don’t miss owning a car and driving!
  1. No More Cooking! I’m a fantastic cook but I don’t enjoy it! I like the convenience of eating all my meals out. My daily food expenses are around $6 a day! I have more details on my podcast on Soundcloud & iTunes – click the link below:

  1.  Regular massages and SPA treatments! In Bangkok I workout/train 6 days a week. I have a great gym in my building and I have “Asia’s largest crossfit & Muay Thai gym” within a 5 min walk. After every training session I walk around the corner (to any massage studio) for a 1-2 hour “deep-tissue” Thai massage. Prices range from $6-10 an hr! Like a pro athlete – daily massages allows my body to recover faster – therefore I can train every day if I want:) Once every other week I will get a 1hr facial. Price…$15! It’s affordable to “pamper” yourself in Bangkok.
  1.  Diversity! Melting Pot! If you think LA or NY is a melting pot…you’re wrong! I feel Bangkok is more of a “melting pot,” and more culturally diverse. Everywhere you turn there are people from the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, US, and all parts of Asia! Large Asian cities like Bangkok is like NY on Steroids:)
  1.  I’m never BORED! Don’t get me wrong, cities like NY, Paris, London are exciting and fun but…and that’s a big BUT – the weather sucks and these cities are way too pretentious and expensive! Winters are horrible and paying $5 for an espresso or having to dish out a minimum of $50 – 100 for a nice night out is ridiculous! In Bangkok I have all the same conveniences of dining and entertainment at all hours. I can walk into any nice “sit down” coffee shop for a $1 double shot espresso or morning cappuccino. I can grab a healthy and tasty lunch for $1 – $2. Get fresh pressed juices for $.50 cents to $1. Going out with a group of friends…the whole night (dinner and drinks) at a local Thai establishment runs between $10 – $15 per person. Often, I head across the street from my building to this outdoor dining/entertainment plaza. There, under a bright moon and perfect weather, I enjoy live music, great food from over 20 vendors (one vendor has KILLER Spanish Tapas!), three bars (one a wine bar) all for $5…dinner and an alcoholic drink:) Bottled water in Thailand is round $.15 – .25 cents. AND, I never have to “bundle up” or shovel snow in the winter months of Nov – Feb!

Unlike living in the US…I’m NEVER bored in Bangkok!

Keep a lookout for my new book – Living On $1,000 a Month in Bangkok, Thailand!

Will Roadhouse

CEO | Compass Group International

Author: Roadhouse 30min Guides


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