10 ways “Solo-Travel” has forever opened my eyes!


10 ways “Solo-Travel” has forever opened my eyes!
1.  Regardless of what “main street media” reports – I find there are more generous and kind people – than greedy assholes! Douchebags just seem to make more “noise” and get more attention.
2.  I find the most dangerous people are not “psychopaths” or “narcissist.” Believe it or not…the most dangerous individuals on earth are “insecure people.” Take the time to ponder on this…you will find this is true.
3.  I see and encounter more and more “lonely people” than ever before. And most of these individuals are extremely unhealthy and overweight.
4.  There is such a thing as, “rich people problems.” The more money one has…the more insecure, arrogant and depressed they are. They also “fictionally” create their very own “eccentrics.” Another words…they make themselves eccentric because they think its cool. Pathetic!
5.  The happiest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet are those that are considered “poor” or of “lower class.”
6.  One does not need to be married or have children to be happy.
7.  Americans are “lacking” in every way compared to many 2nd and 3rd world cultures…financially and new experiences. Of the 1 world countries – Americans are least open to change.
8.  The rudest people on earth are the Chinese and Americans. They just “don’t give a shit.” Sad:( The Chinese culture is spinning out of control…no honor code…no respect…motivated by greed…this will create a new China in 20 years. Not a place you want to be!
9.  The poorer the country – the more social they are as a culture. The richer the country – the more antisocial they are.
10. To achieve “true happiness” one has to create as many wonderful memories and experience in a lifetime – we thrive on good memories! Human beings weren’t meant to live in one place in their lifetime. As a species, we were meant to venture out and explore the world. Experiencing and immersing ourselves in new cultures, seeing new things…and along the way – find ourselves. My last observation is, most people (over a lifetime) have created their very own “prisons.” Thus, creating a large population of unhappy people.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my wonderful Japanese and Taiwanese family around the world! They truly are the some of the best people on earth:)

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