Podcast episode 2: Day 1 in Bangkok Thailand!

Podcast episode 2: Day 1 in Bangkok Thailand! Dean’s first time back to Bangkok (BKK) in 20yrs – what’s his impression since returning? One of the best places to get a Thai massage. Weather in April. BKK mega-malls. Other than street food, where are the best places to eat? What are the Thai women like? Is it safe? Crime? What are the Thai people like? Culture? Tuk Tuk scam. Can I drink the tap water here? Best forms of public transportation. Cheap full body and foot massages. And more travel tips! Pictures and video on our facebook page, youtube and vimeo channels.

“Travel UnCUT!” is series of podcasts with personal experiences from our 13+ yrs working and living abroad in Latin America and Asia. Please feel free to share this podcast with anyone looking to move to a foreign country and/or planning a vacation. Our podcasts will provide you with a lot of detailed information from people that actually live in these foreign countries. No FLUFF and no BS…just the TRUTH! We won’t “candy-coat” anything:) For more information about Compass Group International please like our facebook page: www.facebook.com/CompassGroupInternational
and subscribe to our youtube page: www.youtube.com/wroadhouse


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