3 Compass Travel Tips when traveling to Asia – Why 10 days at your destination is important!

tuk tuk: Ubon, Thailand

Traveling to Asia: Top 3 Tips!

Tip 1: Always assume you’re going to lose 3 days…2 days traveling there and 1 day on your way home. 7 days = only 4 full days in that Asian country. This is why I always suggest taking 10 days off – this will give you 7 full days (1 week) at your destination to do more exploring and decompressing without the stress of having to do everything in such a short period of time.

Tip 2: Most likely you have a layover in beautiful airports like Hong Kong, Narita, Taipei, Seoul or Singapore (which is currently voted as the nicest airport in the world). These airports put any western airport to shame! I suggest you skip the shitty (stomach bubbling/gas causing) airplane food. If you have at least 3hrs on your layover, I highly suggest you save your appetite because there are so many great places to eat at these international airports – with plenty of tasty Asian cuisine!

Tip 3: If your layover is longer than 8hrs I suggest a quick city tour. Airports like Singapore have areas where you can check in your bag for an hourly rate. This airport also has many free city tours in the AM and PM. My suggestion is to plan ahead and go to the website and see what type of activities and tours they offer. When I have a between 3-5hrs – I will head to the pool for a swim and a few drinks:) Here’s a link to the Singapore Airport (things to do):


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Will Roadhouse

CEO | Compass Group International




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