Gen Y (Millennials)! How to earn a REAL Living Abroad: The harsh realities of making money online! 3 easier alternatives than attempting to create online income.

Compass Group International: Will Roadhouse
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Will Roadhouse

Gen Y (Millennials)! How to earn a REAL Living Abroad: The harsh realities of making money online! Here are 3 easier alternatives than attempting to create online income.

On a daily basis you probably get “spammed” in your inbox from “sponsored” ads on social media sites like Facebook…all claiming they have the, “secret recipe” to help you make millions online! Let’s get real folks…it’s all BULLSHIT! These so called “educators” are making millions selling you an online course – knowing that they will never work. There are some that are successful but the large percentage…the 99% – fail!

Any real-legitimate online guru, that’s successful in making a sustainable income online will tell you…it’s not easy! I’m going to share their secret with you…”it takes a shit load of focus, 18-20 hr days, working every day for 12 months…just to start making a bit of income!” There you have it…I just saved you a bunch of money. You know yourself better than anyone else, if you have this type of “work habit” then there’s a chance you can be successful in creating an online income…the 99% of of you will never put in this much work. The bottomline is, the public only sees and reads about the success stories of online success. The author that makes a high six figure income writing books for Amazon, the teenager that created an app that sold for millions, the blog writer that makes $30k a month on affiliate marketing. These people are real, but the success rate is .01% Google it!

Now, let’s get back to reality and talk about “real examples” of how you can make a decent living in a 2nd and 3rd world country working regular hours.

Teaching English: English is the #1 language in every 3rd world country! What I mean by #1…it’s the one language everyone wants to learn, because it will generate more income for locals living in destinations with a high number of “English speaking tourists.” Everyone in these countries know, “if you want to make more money – learn English!” Finding work in a local public or private school is not difficult – the demand is there. You will need a minimum of a college degree to teach in these countries. If you don’t have one – the other option is to teach in “language learning centers or one-on-one tutoring.”
Working for a large corporation: Large international cities like San Jose Costa Rica, Bangkok Thailand, Manila Philippines, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam are filled with large foreign corporations from North America, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Australia…and so on! If you have a college degree you can find a great job in these major corporations.
Selling Real Estate: Here is an option for those that don’t have a college degree…selling and listing real estate. Unlike the US, selling real estate in a 3rd or 2nd world country does not require any type of licensing! It’s not regulated. This is a great alternative if you’re a “people person” living in a city with many tourists and expats.

The three examples I just gave you is a quick overview. To get more detailed information on working abroad please head to our podcasts on soundcloud and iTunes. There I will go into more details about earning an income abroad, and more options to generate income:



If you’re looking to move abroad Compass Group International also offers “one-on-one” consultation. Please head to our facebook page or email me for more information.

Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass Group International


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