Traveling Abroad: You’re not on vacation…

eating two of my favorites - beef noodle soup & pan fried dumplings:)
eating two of my favorites – beef noodle soup & pan fried dumplings:)
Traveling Abroad: You’re not on vacation…
Whether you’re on vacation for a few days or a few months…STOP worrying about having to “share” every single moment of your trip. Why? You’re doing what you’re “escaping” from…creating more work for yourself! Let me explain further what I mean:
Let’s say you’re spending a week in Costa Rica. Here’s the typical habit of an individual on vacation:
wake up: get on facebook to see what everyone is doing. feeling insecure, this person is going to take a pic of their view, what they’re eating for breakfast, and post how much they’re enjoying their vacation in Costa Rica.
reality: you just created work and you forgot why you’re on vacation…you’re suppose to destress and detach! instead of enjoying their breakfast with a view – you’re glued to your device and waiting to see how many people “like” or “favored” your post.
afternoon: you’ve checked your device at least 30-50 times, taken way too many photos/videos, and posted to 3-4 social media sites…all this from the time you woke up.  still think you’re on vacation? how many moments of “relaxation” have you missed? many!
evening: every scenic moment that should have been mentally and physically savored, was lost in the need to capture…post…and waiting for “likes.” pretty pathetic!
You may not have noticed, but you have been working all day (and not getting paid for it), instead of decompressing and enjoying your experiences in Costa Rica – you’ve been caught up in the digital world…just like back home sitting in your cubicle!
I spend most of my time overseas – living in 2nd and 3rd world countries. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries, visited many historical sites, and experienced many cultures & exotic cuisine. You would think that someone like me would have thousands pictures and thousands of hours of video footage – I don’t. I have something more important – “many moments” that I’ve savored over and over – that I’ve never missed because I was “fumbling over a digital device or busy posting pics online.”
When traveling for leisure, I spend very little time on any portable device and social media. I may take a picture or two to quickly capture the moment, instead of posting it, I will go back to what I’m doing…enjoying myself:) Many of my travel photo’s, videos and experiences…are posted weeks…months…or even years later. I have no urge to tell the world, “what I’m doing at that moment!” I travel to detach…I travel to get away…I travel for me – traveling brings me inner-peace:) Traveling makes me a better person. The only time I dedicate to photo’s and videos is when I’m on “location” working on my travel show – I keep those trips separate.
On your next vacation, take the time to remember why you’re there. Take in and cherish every single moment, savor the experience, remember how it makes you feel. so when you’re sitting in your office stressed out over your shitty job – you can mentally escape to that moment in Costa Rica.
…detach and save your posts when you get back. Travel for you – not for others.
Travel Far & Travel Often,
Will Roadhouse

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