Achieving Personal Happiness: The forgotten Mental Tool of “Self-Reflection.”

St. Emilion, France

Achieving Personal Happiness: The forgotten Mental Tool of “Self-Reflection.”

I’ve been working professionally and hold many titles such as: Consultant, Advisor, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Founder, CEO, TV Host, Director and Executive Producer. My personal & professional experiences have helped me master a specific trait of, “understanding the complexities of human behavior.” I’m in the people business:) I get to, “see and experience first hand,” the emotional up’s and down’s of my clients. It’s not always pretty.

So often I see through their forced “smiles” and lack of “self-confidence.” Through this invisible barrier, I see “pain, anger, depression, insecurity, desperation,” are just the few “hidden” emotions that radiate from within. Running large organizations and making decisions hinder one’s ability to “step back and face their demons.” At one time, I too was shroud with negative emotions, and often created a fake “front stage” to hide the “real me.” Everything changed when I found the mental tool of “self-reflection.”

Our busy lifestyles tells us to “replace” and “mask” these internal emotions with work, entertainment (watching a shit load of TV) and to interact & over consume social media. Today, more and more individuals prefer to “live through the eyes of others via digital content.” When you stop to analyze this…it’s pretty sad. My personal happiness and my life is dictated by me…and only me. I live through my eyes and create personal experiences by “walking in my shoes.”

In my solo travels, I was able to spend more time in my thoughts. I remember getting lost in the historic and picturesque streets of Madrid, walking for hours…in deep thought. I mentally searched for answers:

  • what are my top three negative habits? have i done anything to fix them?
  • am i sad, depressed or in pain? if so…why? if i’m not in pain…why am i happy? what is the cause of my joy? is it real? if it’s real, how do I continue to recreate this feeling?
  • am I cursing too much? its unprofessional!
  • am I in a healthy environment? are there people that I need to let go?
  • how are my finances? am i overspending and accruing stupid shit?
  • what is the mental state of my family?
  • what is the status of my company? where will we be in 5-10yrs? are we on track? do we need to make changes to reflect the current and future economy?
  • i can’t believe i’m in Spain! this is awesome!

Those were my exact thoughts as I roamed the streets of Madrid taking in the sights and absorbing the local culture.

Self-reflection is a long forgotten mental tool. This process targets and eliminate the negative aspects in one’s life…and it will clearly show you what’s making you happy:)

Whether you’re happy or sad, take the time to self-reflect on a weekly bases. It’s important to make sure you’re on the correct path. The journey to creating and achieving “personal happiness.” Godspeed – I wish you well:)

Travel Far & Travel Often,

Will Roadhouse


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