Podcast => Travel UnCUT! episode 8: Planning your next trip to Thailand!

Travel UnCUT! episode 8: Planning your next trip to Thailand! Listen to this podcast before planning your trip to #AmazingThailand. We will help you plan your 7 – 10 day itinerary. Best international and domestic carriers. Accommodations. Travel tips & money savers! Local customs and cuisine. Sights to see & tours. Cities to visit. What to look out for…what not to do!!! Scams!!! Difference between Latin America and Asia. Why Thailand should be on the the top of your list of countries to visit! Explicit language…that’s why it’s called #TravelUnCUT

“Travel UnCUT!” is series of podcasts with personal experiences from our 13+ yrs working and living abroad in Latin America and Asia. Please feel free to share this podcast with anyone looking to move to a foreign country and/or planning a vacation. Our podcasts will provide you with a lot of detailed information from people that actually live in these foreign countries. No FLUFF and no BS…just the TRUTH! We won’t “candy-coat” anything:) For more information about Compass Group International please like our facebook page: www.facebook.com/CompassGroupInternational
and subscribe to our youtube page: www.youtube.com/wroadhouse

If you’re looking to move abroad Compass Group International also offers “one-on-one” consultation. Please head to our facebook page or email me for more information.
Will Roadhouse
CEO | Compass Group International
Blog: livingon1000.wordpress.com/


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