Top 3 “Sure-Fire Ways” to get the SHIT kicked out of YOU in a foreign country!

Compass Group International: Thailand
Compass Group International: Thailand

Top 3 “Sure-Fire Ways” to get the SHIT kicked out of YOU in a foreign country!

Warning: Our articles are very “Raw and Explicit!” We’re not here to “candy coat” travel – if that’s what you prefer, I suggest you head to the Travel Channel. Our articles are written for the average person – the 80%! The individuals and families that stay in hostels, cheap hotels and travel on a budget. If you want luxury hotels, extravagant entertainment & dining – you came to the wrong place. We report and write about international travel (and living abroad) from a “realistic” and “hands on” point of view for those on a tight budget – no FLUFF here!  If this is what you’re looking for – you came to the right place:)

  1. Skipping out on your bar tab. First of all…NEVER….NEVER…EVER…run a bar tab in any 2nd or 3rd world country! Just pay as you drink. 9 times out of 10 – they will charge you 5 to 10 times more and tack on bullshit drinks that cost $20-50! If you try to argue, call them names and curse at them…you will get the shit kicked out of you! If you try to skip out and make a break for the nearest exit…you will get the shit kicked out of you and maybe stabbed! Also, if you think you’re a badass because you train in some sort of martial arts and will have no problem taking on these “little people”- think again! American and UK pro MMA fighters have gotten the shit kicked out of them (and stabbed) in 3rd world countries – google it! You’re trained to fight one person in a ring – with a set of rules. Here, in a blink of an eye – you will have 10-15 little people on you! Fighting off 1-3 individuals is manageable – not 10-15! Just pay your overpriced bill, learn your lesson, and move on.
  2. Unlike Americans or the Chinese…most foreign countries do not take well to “confrontation!” It’s extremely disrespectful! In countries like Thailand, you can’t raise your voice and yell at someone publicly…they lose “face.” In some cases they will shut down and walk away (like in Costa Rica) – nothing will get done! In other cases, the person you’re yelling at…and the other locals that’s been watching this go down…will jump you because you’re disrespecting that individual! Remember, you’re in their country – you play by their rules. Respect people and the local culture.
  3. You’re wearing a lot of expensive gold jewelry. If you’re in a big international city, wearing a $10k watch or a $30k wedding ring is not going to be a problem. Trust me…there’s a lot of wealth in these cities, just because it’s a 3rd world country doesn’t mean everyone is poor. BUT…BUT, if you’re in a small city in the countryside or at the beach – that’s a different story. You will get targeted, get the shit kicked out of you and robbed – in most cases, the local police is useless! Leave your expensive shit behind – there’s no one here you need to impress. Just enjoy your vacation:)

Fact: Countries within Asia have the lowest crime rates in the world compared to other countries: North America, Latin America (central, south) Mexico, Africa, Europe…google it.

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Will Roadhouse

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