The unknown benefits of moving to a 3rd world country and NO to SUICIDE!!!

The unknown benefits of moving to a 3rd world country is, “you don’t have a past, no one knows who you are.” Most may feel, “this sucks!” Well, its just the opposite – that’s is why moving to another country is awesome!  You are no longer dragged and haunted by a lifetime of bad decisions – you get to start FRESH!  With a clean SLATE!” Unhappy and angry people are made from decades of poor decision making…and a lifetime of hanging around a bad environment!

Compass Group International: Will Roadhouse
Compass Group International: Will Roadhouse

No to SUICIDE: As I mentioned above, there is a growing trend in suicides here in the United States. Most of these individuals are killing themselves because they’re depressed and unhappy. Anyone out there thinking about hurting yourself – here are a few suggestions before ending your life:

  • Move to a 3rd or 2nd world country for 3-6 months. Nothing to be scared about – you’re planning on killing yourself anyway.  Keep reading…
  • During your time abroad – take a “digital break!” Keep all communication with family and friends via skype and emails, deactivate and stay off all social media platforms – don’t read any newspapers!
  • Read and complete one book a month (fiction or nonfiction). I don’t give a shit if it’s a comic book or erotica – just read something you like!
  • Keep a daily journal of your activities (traditionally) via pen and paper – no laptop or tablet. Buy a bunch of those composition books at Walmart of Office Depot.
  • Use only a regular flip phone to make calls – ditch your smartphone.
  • Take photos with a regular digital camera. Again – ditch your smart phone!
  • Stop doing DRUGS!  Getting high! And/or drinking yourself to a stupor!
  • Research and pick an organization to volunteer in a poor community. Teaching, building…anything that appeals to you. Volunteering in a 3rd or 2nd world country will show you that your life does not SUCK, and there are millions of others that have it much worse than you. Volunteering will help you appreciate who you are, and how you can impact others worse off than you!
  • Next, depending on your finances (spend all your money if you have to) travel and explore the country…and the neighboring countries. If you’re in Southeast Asia, most hostels are $10-$15 a night, food will run you $1 – 2!  Public transportation is dirt cheap.
  • Sit on a remote beach city and take in what’s all around you:) Take in the beauty of the scenery and the local culture!
  • All the douchebags and shitty people that have been ruining your life is nowhere around! If’s just you and nature:)
  • While traveling you’re still on digital break, reading, and keeping a daily journal.
  • This adventure will, “once again” jump-start your enjoyment of life! 
  • If you love it there – don’t come back! You can easily find work in these countries. There are plenty of stories of expats online that skip from country to country, and have no plans on coming back to where they were running from.  Did you know that Thailand has less than a 1% unemployment rate? Everyone can get a job if they want one.
  • At the end of your 3-6 months you may reconsider hurting yourself or others:) You owe it to yourself to ,“find out and experience what’s it like to be happy!” You deserve this, even if it’s for a brief 3-6 months, before you decide to leave this life.
  • A lifetime of bad decisions = A lifetime of sorrow!  Everything just compounds from there…getting worse and worse each year! If you can’t change it – RUN from it! Run far…run now! Don’t let it catch up any further!
  • A moment of non-materialistic happiness and helping others = “I’m not going to tell you what the answer is – this is something you’ll have to find out in your new adventure abroad.”  I can tell you this much – its worth it! Everything I wrote is not bullshit! This can be your new reality! Pain…misery…and depression is not the norm! You can find happiness abroad:) I hope these words will impact you to make a change. I know people SUCK! But, there are so many that care. I hope you find happiness and wish you a long life. God speed my friend – I hope to see you in a small cafe some day:)
Compass Group International
Compass Group International

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Travel Far and Travel Often!

Will Roadhouse

CEO | Compass Group International



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